Equipment Rental

Below is a list of equipment available for rent to SVBA active members.  To schedule a rental, contact Walt Haag.

Extraction Kit:  $10 for 5 weekdays (Monday -Friday) OR $10 for the weekend (Saturday – Sunday) plus $50 damage deposit.


  • Maxant 3100P 9 Frame Power (electric-motor) Extractor.  This will process six medium frames at a time radially or three deep frames tangentially.
  • Uncapping tank with drain and honey gate.
  • Stainless Steel Double Sieve.
  • Electric uncapping knife and electric uncapping plane.
  • Round Pail Heater – 120 volt, 100 watts

Clean Up and Return:  All equipment must be returned clean and free of debris so as not to attract unwanted visitors to the storage area and as a courtesy to the next user.

Late Fee:  Please return equipment on time. For late returns, a fee of $5 a day will be assessed to a maximum of $25. If equipment is returned excessively late, future checkout privileges will be denied.

5 Responses to Equipment Rental

  1. Jerri Johnson says:

    I would like to rent the extractor from Ann. I would need it Oct. 1st. 206-817-0859

  2. Mark Bowers says:

    When everyone else has finished with the extractor and sometime around Nov 2nd. I would like to rent the extractor. I will pay for last usage.

    Mark Bowers

  3. Anthony moravec says:

    Hi I am interested in equipment rental

    • Diane Price says:

      Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for your interest in renting our equipment. This is one of the benefits for our active members. There is information on our website under the “About” tab on how to become a member. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Diane

  4. Jerri Johnson says:

    Diane, I am a member in good standing. Rodger can tell you all about my experience raising bees. I would like to reserve the extractor the 1st week of Oct. I am care taker of my wife Julie who is disabled. We have a home based business boarding cats. I am in charge of morning and evening feeding so I miss meetings. Please contact me a Jerri Johnson at 206-817-0859, I am responsible.

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