Available to club members – group woodenware purchase. A once a year opportunity to be part of a large order at substantial discount. We’ll try and get an order in early February targeting delivery in late March/ early April.

Items and pricing:

Boxes: 8 or 10 frame
Deep Medium
Commercial Grade $8.75 $6.25
Budget $7.50 $5.50
Tops & Bottoms: 8 or 10 frame
Cedar Pine
Migratory lid $7.25 $7.00
Reversible bottom board (3/8″ and 3/4″ entrance) $8.00 $7.00
Commercial Budget
Box only $8.25 $7.00
Box, lid and bottom $17.00 $15.00
10-frame double nuc w/ divider $10.95 $9.75

Count on about an extra $.25 per unit to offset shipping costs.

Contact bob combs for details on placing an order.

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