Ballard Beekeeping Company – SVB Deal

Ballard Beekeeping Deal!

I talked with Corky last week and he has some really good deals going on right now for SVB members that you should be aware of. 

  • Through March he is offering 10% off all woodenware.

Specifically he offered up a really sweet deal on frames:

  • “100-400 Frames -$70.75/100  500-900 Frames-$69.75/100  Theses frames are grooved top and bottom and more likely no holes on side bars. Same price for either medium and deep.  Plus tax.”

Drop him an email and see what he can do for you.  I purchased 600 frames for a few dollars less than I could have purchase them from a California supplier, I supported a local business, and payed local taxes.  It’s an odd triple win situation.


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