Last Class of 2012 – March 24th and 25th

Time is running out to register for the last SVB beginners class of 2012.

Introduction to Beekeeping
Honeybees are fun to keep in the backyard for their honey, pollination, and personal enjoyment. Western Washington and rural King County offer prime honeybee habitat. This class will cover beekeeping basics and traditional beekeeping methods of Langstroth hives. This class is a family-oriented, study of beekeeping, it is open to all age levels and is intended to provide new beekeepers everything necessary to plan for and maintain an apiary in the spring. Topics covered include the following: Equipment — what you’ll need and how to use it; All about honeybees, their life-cycle, members of the hive, and managing honeybee ailments; harvesting and processing honey, and other products of the hive; planning for and managing your own apiary. Placing your hives, installing bees, swarm prevention, and long-term management. For more information please email [email protected]
Instructor: Bob Combs, Snoqualmie Valley Beekeepers
Location: Meadowbrook Farm
Fee: $45
Ages Days Dates Times
18+ Sat/Sun Mar 24-25 12:00PM-4:00PM

To register:

(Select: Register->Adult Programs->Special Interest->Beekeeping)

Or call Si View Parks directly at: (425) 831-1900

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