May 7 Meeting – Hive Inspections, Splits & Combines

It’s spring! New packages are arriving, and the bigleaf maple is in full bloom!

If you’re a new beekeeper, what should you be looking for in your new colonies?  Kate and Patti will review what to look for both outside and inside the hive.

If you have overwintered bees, the early swarm season is upon us and it’s time to talk about your options. Bob will discuss various methods of splitting and combining colonies. This presentation is likely to relate to discussions of swarm control (continuing last month’s discussion) and queen rearing.

7:00-7:30  Beginners session:  Observations and inspections (Kate Flack, Patti Loesche)
7:30-8:00  Tea
8:00-9:00  Main topic:  Splits and combines: when and what kinds (Bob Combs)

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