Mead Making 101

Mead usually conjures up images of loud vikings and boisterous drinking halls. In reality, mead is a refined and delicate beverage with many subtleties, flavors, and styles. Dry mead can be a refreshing aperitif, and sweet mead does nicely as a rich dessert wine. In addition, there are melomels, pyments, cysers and all kinds of combinations to explore. This class will be an introduction to honey, mead, mead-blends, and the whole mead-making process. Hands-on mead-making will occur in class. Experience with beer or wine making will be helpful, but not necessary. Beekeepers are encouraged to bring contact information for other masers looking to source products.

Includes complimentary mead tasting hosted by Sky River Mead

Taught by Bob Combs, veteran Maser and Beekeeper.

Time: Thursday Dec 12th 7:00pm-9:00pm
Place: Sound Homebrew 6505 5th Place S, Seattle, WA 98108
Cost: $25, or $55 with 1 gal wine-making kit suitable for mead
Register: (206)743-8074 Class size limited, so call and hold your spot.

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