Natural Beekeeping Classes – April 26 & 27

Board member Nathan Rausch is hosting Corwin Bell ( for two beekeeping classes in April at his 5-acre farm in the Renton Highlands (Lake MacDonald/Maple Hills neighborhood). Nathan has a great 1100-sq ft gathering space and apiary.

Natural, Treatment-free, Bee Guardianship Classes
Click here for more information. (Scroll down to view details for the Renton class.)
You must preregister online to attend. Directions will be sent to preregistered participants.

– Beginning Class (Saturday, April 26, 2014, 10:00-3:00, $75)
This class is for those just getting started. We will cover basic bee ecology, how bees communicate with each other in the hive, explain why bees are a superorganism, and cover setting up the hive, getting bees, catching a swarm and getting the bees into the hive. We will demonstrate how to work with the bees in an altruistic, gentle manner so that a symbiotic relationship is formed with the bees. And if there are combs to harvest, we will demonstrate how to harvest and process honey comb.

– Intermediate Class (Sunday, April 27, 2014, 10:00-3:00, $75)
This class is for someone who has had bees for at least one year and wants to learn an in-depth working relationship with the bees. The class will cover a deeper understanding of the workings of the colony and the brood nest, so that you can confidently work a hive and feel comfortable with interacting with the bees.

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