July 1 Meeting – Honey Production, Apitherapy

7:00-7:30 Beginners Session, Q&A: Honey Production: Harvesting & Extracting (Robert Clark)
Long-time beekeeper Robert Clark presents topics based on an annual, local beekeeping management calendar, with emphasis on basic principles of how honeybees respond to beekeepers’ actions. Click here for the beginners’ hive calendar.
7:30-8:00 Tea and Announcements
8:00-9:00 Introduction to Apitherapy (Kate McWiggins)
Kate is a board member of the American Apitherapy Society and an apitherapist who lives in Issaquah. She will explain uses and applications for products of the hive, including honey, propolis, wax, pollen, royal jelly, and bee venom.

Meetings are 7:00-9:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month at Meadowbrook Interpretive Center (directions to Meadowbrook) and are open to the public.

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