Honey and Mead Making 101

So, you want to make honey wine? This class offers basic information about Honey, and honey selection, including local types, nectar flows and how it affects the mead. We will also go over how to find beekeepers in your area to source local product. We will go over basic mead making, including meads and melomels from fermentation to bottling. During class we will make a batch of mead using the provided kit. Sky River Mead will also be conducting a mead tasting.

Instructor: Bob Combs – WA State Certified Journeyman Beekeeper w/ a couple decades of mead making as well as judging experience.
Date: Thursday June 6th 6:30pm at Sound Homebrew Supply in S. Seattle. Plan on 2 hours of class time.
Cost: $50 w/ 1gal mead making kit ($20 w/o kit).

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