June 4 Meeting – Water for Bees, Queens & Requeening

7:00-7:30  Beginners session (Melody Hooper, Patti Loesche):

  • Q&A, of course.
  • Water for Bees (Melody): Why they need it,  how to provide it.

7:30-8:00  Tea and announcements

8:00-9:00  Main topic (Robert Clark):

  • Queens and Requeening.  Why is it important to have a good queen in our Pacific Northwest honeybee colonies? Since she is so important to the temperament of your bees, learn why and how you should requeen annually. One interesting aspect of requeening is how to run a two-queen colony through the honey season.

9:00-10:00  Board meeting.  As always, members are welcome.

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