Sign-ups for Festivals

Because we still have slots to fill, and because some of us have leaky memories, we’re posting the sign-ups for the two festivals. The red OPEN represents time slots for which we have NO VOLUNTEER (for obvious reasons, please fill these first if you can). The orange OPEN represents time slots for which we have a lone volunteer (which makes multiple visitors or bathroom breaks difficult). If you are able to fill any of these time slots or have more HONEY we can sell (we are short of what we sold last year), please comment below and/or contact Anne Mahoney at [email protected] or  425-395-6048.

Festival at Mt. Si

4pm-6pm Kris Buzzard
6pm-8pm David & Kerstin Springgay
Saturday 8/8
9am – 11am Bill Manganro
11am – 1pm Steve Goodron
1pm – 3pm Melody, plus 2
3pm – 5pm   OPEN
5pm – 8pm Andy
9am – 11am Melody, plus 2
Floyd Hall
11am – 1pm Charles Schaffer
1pm – 3pm Steve Foisie &
Kate & Robert
3pm – 5pm Kate &

Railroad Days

4pm-6pm   OPEN
6pm-8pm Anne & David K
9am – 11am Anne
11am – 1pm Tia & Anothony
1pm – 3pm Roger Ledbetter
3pm – 5pm Tyson
5pm – 8pm Anne
Sunday 8/16
9am – 11am Anne
Jerri Johnson
11am – 1pm Bob Combs
Ken Reid
1pm – 3pm Floyd Hall
3pm – 5pm Anne
Debbie Wedcha


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