Letter to the Membership

President Schaffer’s letter to the general club membership is posted here: Jan 2016 President Letter.

In summary:

  • Complete list of club officers, board members and committee chairs
  • Thanks to the outgoing officers
  • Reminder to bring money to renew your membership for 2016 if you haven’t already
  • Request for the membership to provide input on what we can do to help you as club members.
  • Nuc Drawing for club members at the September meeting. You get tickets by coming to the regular meetings (next one on Feb 2nd).
  • Request to think about what you need this year (woodenware, bees, etc.) If you want woodenware express your desire as we may not be having an order this year if there is not enough interest.
  • The first part February meeting is to talk about this letter. Robert Clark will begin the beginner’s series in March. The second half will be the mating biology of bees.


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