June club meeting

With the blackberry bloom about to ramp up, by our June 4 meeting your bees should have had plenty of good flying days – and plenty of blackberry to feast on. Get your supers on!

Our main speaker on June 4 is Rod Jackman, a former professional beekeeper who is now a hobbyist. Rod will be speaking on a timely topic: “Summer management of your bees.”

We will be discussing swarm management during the Basic Beekeeping portion of our meeting, which is on the minds of many right now. This month’s Apiary Demonstration will focus on that simple but nerve-racking task, queen marking. As always, bring appropriate protection to be in the apiary.

And also “as always,” the public is welcome to join our meeting and check out our fun club!

When: 7:00-9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 4 (apiary at 6:00)
WhereMeadowbrook Farm Park, 1711 Boalch Ave NW, North Bend

6:00 Apiary demonstration
6:45 Check-in
7:00-8:00 Club announcements and Basic Beekeeping
8:00-9:00 Summer management advice with Rod Jackman

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